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Staying in Singapore

Last Updated 26 October 2021


How do I prove my vaccination status in Singapore?

Your vaccination status will be loaded into your TraceTogether app as part of your VTP application.

All visitors to Singapore must download the TraceTogether app prior to their departure for Singapore. Upon arrival, visitors must activate and use the app for the duration of their stay in Singapore.

Children who are aged 7 to 12, and those unable to use a mobile device due to a certified disability or special needs, are eligible to be issued TraceTogether tokens with payment of a refundable S$50 deposit (in lieu of the requirement to have a mobile device with the TraceTogether app downloaded) at the Changi Recommends booth at Changi Airport or Seletar Business Aviation Centre at Seletar Airport upon arrival in Singapore. As each token is uniquely tagged to each individual, visitors are reminded to carry their own tokens with them wherever they go, and not exchange their tokens with others.

Children aged 6 and below are exempted from the TraceTogether requirement.

For more information, please refer to the TraceTogether website.  If you require assistance on how to download and activate the TraceTogether app, please email [email protected].

Which vaccines are recognised in Singapore?

Travellers are considered fully vaccinated if they meet the following conditions at least two weeks before arrival in Singapore:

  • Received the full regimen of WHO EUL Vaccines (below), from a specific manufacturer, and
  • Met the minimum dose interval period.



Name of Vaccine

Dose(s) Required

Minimum Interval between Doses


Tozinameran (INN)


   17 days




   24 days


AZD1222-Vaxzeveria (ChAdOx1_nCoV-19)


   24 days

Serum Institute of India

Covishield (ChAdOx1_nCoV-19)







SARS-COV-2 Vaccine (VeroCell), Inactivated (InCoV)


   17 days


COVID-19 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated/CoronavacTM


   13 days

Any WHO EUL vaccine (mixed):

  • BNT162b2/COMIRNATY Tozinameran (INN)
  • mRNA-1273
  • AZD1222-Vaxzeveria (ChAdOx1_nCoV-19)
  • Covishield (ChAdOx1_nCoV-19)
  • Ad26.COV2.S
  • SARS-COV-2 Vaccine (VeroCell), Inactivated (InCoV)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated/CoronavacTM


   17 days


If you do not meet any of the above requirements, you are not considered fully vaccinated with WHO EUL vaccines.


How will I prove my vaccination status in Singapore at the airport?

You will be required to upload your vaccination status as part of the VTP application process, prior to travel to Singapore. Upon arrival, at the airport you may also be asked to prove your vaccination status.

A valid proof of vaccination status (not applicable for children aged 12 and below), which can be in the form of:

  • a vaccination status on the TraceTogether app, HealthHub app or BruHealth app; or
  • digitally verifiable vaccination certificate(s) in English, stating the following:
    1. the traveller's name, and at least one other personal identifier such as the date of birth or passport number corresponding exactly with the information in the traveller's passport used for entry into Singapore;
    2. the country/region of vaccination, which must be either Singapore or the VTL country/region the traveller is departing from;
    3. the name of vaccine used (if more than 1 dose, the name of each vaccine administered for each dose); and
    4. the date(s) of vaccination (if more than 1 dose, the dates when each dose was administered). The date of the last dose should be administered at least 14 days before the traveller's arrival in Singapore.

Currently for active VTLS:

You may present any of the following:

Digitally verified and authenticated proof of vaccination is a key safeguard of the VTL. Singapore is currently working on accepting digitally verifiable vaccination certificates by other issuers. Further details will be shared later.


COVID-19: Overseas financial assistance

If you’ve been unable to return to Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions and are experiencing financial distress, you may be eligible to access financial support from the government.

There are two types of interest-free loans available:

  • Living costs: a one-off loan to cover emergency living costs until a commercial flight becomes available
  • Flight back to Australia: a one-off loan to help cover the costs of a flight to return to Australia

    The loans are only available as a last resort. You’ll need to meet strict eligibility criteria. Only those in genuine need will be provided financial support. You’ll need to demonstrate that you’re planning to return to Australia as soon as flights become available. All loans must be repaid.


    You can apply if you:

  • are an Australian citizen
    • Australian permanent residents are not eligible to receive funding unless they are travelling with an immediate family member who is an Australian citizen, and that Australian family member includes the permanent resident in their own application for financial assistance.
    • If the only Australian citizen in the family travelling with the permanent resident is a child, other links to Australia will need to be considered before approval of a loan (e.g., Australian residential property).
  • are at least 18 years of age
  • have made all reasonable efforts to seek financial assistance through other means. You’ll need to provide evidence of this. See examples of documentation under ‘The application process’ section.

    In addition, you need to meet one or more of the following criteria. You:

  • are overseas temporarily and want to return to Australia urgently for medical or other reasons
  • are in financial distress as a result of the travel disruptions caused by COVID-19
  • require financial assistance to shelter in place until you can secure a seat, or purchase a ticket to return to Australia
  • are in a location with restricted or no available commercial airlines operating.

    Further information on overseas financial assistance can be found here


My visa is expiring. What should I do?

If your employment pass, dependant pass or other work visa is expiring, please speak to your employer who will be required to renew your visa through the Ministry of Manpower.  For all other visas, please contact ICA here.

If you have had your extension to your pass denied, we recommend that you attend the MOM or ICA office and speak to someone in person. The Australian High Commission is unable to intervene in Singapore immigration matters. 


COVID-19 measures in Singapore

Heightened alert measures are in place to contain growing COVID-19 cases.  You must wear a facemask when outside of the home, except when eating or engaged in strenuous exercise. Children under six years old are exempt. Social distancing measures are in place.

There are significant penalties for breaching the Ministry of Health’s SHN or social distancing measures. If authorities suspect you're infected, you may need to stay in hospital or quarantine. See Singapore Ministry of Health website for the latest update.


 Singapore's COVID-19 Vaccinations

Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccinations will be rolled out domestically to people in Singapore including Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders. The vaccinations will only be available in Singapore. 

Up to date information about Singapore’s national roll-out of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program is available at the Ministry of Health's website. You can also call the COVID-19 Vaccination Enquiry line on 1800 333 9999.


Singapore Vaccination Records for Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or Long-Term Pass Holders Vaccinated Overseas

From 14 July 2021, individuals who have received COVID-19 vaccinations overseas with COVID-19 vaccines authorised by the Heath Sciences Authority under the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR) or listed on the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) can have their vaccination records updated in the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) when they return to Singapore. To do so, they should have documentation to show proof of their overseas vaccination and a positive serology test result in Singapore.

To update your vaccination records in Singapore, you can visit a specific private healthcare provider with your overseas COVID-19 vaccination documentation. For further information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on the Ministry of Health website.