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Living in Singapore


  Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA)

Since 1948, ANZA has been offering ongoing support in the areas of social events, career and social responsibility. ANZA has now grown to a membership base of more than 7000, representing a range of nationalities and age groups including Australian, New Zealand, British, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, South Africa and Singapore. ANZA is a membership based organisation that provides information about, networking, social, recreational and sporting involvement and professional opportunities.


  Expat Living

Expat Living is a monthly magazine and website for expatriates in Singapore. It focuses on what is going on in Singapore, including events, property, finance, interior design, entertainment, travel, food and wine. Expat Living also hosts events for newcomers, new Mums and food lovers. In addition there are annual supplements such as, Kids' Guide, Style & Beauty Guide, Travel Guide, Health & Fitness and City Guide.