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Appointment System

Appointment Bookings

Appointment bookings are required for passport applications and notarial services. Clients without an appointment will only be seen in exceptional circumstances.   Appointments can be booked here (  Appointments for passport applications and most notarial services will be available from 8:30am to 3:20pm Monday to Friday.  

Please be aware that the waiting time on appointments is usually in the area of ten working days and might be longer in the case of some notarial acts.  

Passports are delivered by registered mail within Singapore.

Appointment Bookings - more information including booking policy is available here

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Notarial Services

All notarial appointments must be booked via the online booking system here for all notarial services including services that can only be performed by an Australian Diplomatic or Consular Officer such as the witnessing of photo kits and affidavits.   If you require the certification of a document as a true copy (that is no witnessing of a signature or any other verification for property or Australian banks) you are still required to make an appointment via the online booking system.  Some notarial services can only be performed at the Australian High Commission in Singapore between 9:30am to 11:30am Tuesday and Thursday, excluding some Singapore and Australian Public Holidays.   

Please be advised the High Commission can only perform the limited range of notarial services for Australian documents, or foreign documents intended for use in Australia.  Please refer to the Smartraveller website at for updated information regarding notarial services.  

Please note that consular staff cannot provide advice on specific legal requirements, including what documents need to be signed or certified. Correct documents should be presented to officers and clear instructions should be given on your particular requirements.

Please see quick guides below for further information.

Property Sale or Purchase/Land Transfer/DFAT Identity Certificate

The Australian High Commission can witness your signature on some land, mortgage or property documents, certify documents and complete the DFAT Identity Certificate. We can’t provide legal advice. See below under Property Sale or Purchase/DFAT Identity for our step-by-step guide. Documents that do not comply with the provided guidance will not be accepted.  The guide also provides State and Territory-specific information on who in Singapore can witness these documents.

For Property Sale or Purchase/DFAT Identity Certificate please be aware that notary publics in Singapore ( can also witness most documents.

Applicants without an appointment will not be seen so please ensure you go online in advance to make an appointment.  Please select "Property Sale or Purchase/DFAT Identity Certificates" on the booking page.  If you select the wrong service, we may not be able to help at your appointment time.

Please note the High Commission cannot sign the DFAT Identity Certificate on its own. The certificate states that the consular officer needs to witness the applicant execute a document such as client authorisation, transfer of land, mortgage of land etc.  This means if you require the High Commission to complete the DFAT Identity Certificate, we will also need to witness the execution of a land, property or mortgage document.

Urgent appointments:

Sorry, the High Commission does not allow urgent appointments for land transfers.  If your document is urgent please contact a notary public who might be able to assist.  See for a list of notaries in Singapore.