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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions


Completing a passport application can be a daunting task. This list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been compiled by our Passport Staff in Singapore to assist you in completing your application.

The FAQ is structured into the following sections:

  • General Passport Application and Renewal Questions
  • Child Applications
  • Completing an Application form
  • Passports & Citizenship
  • Name Change
  • Referee
  • Photographs
  • Processing your application
  • Collection
  • Damaged Passports
  • Travelling on your passport
  • Visas and your Australian Passport

Scroll through the topics to find an answer to your question. If you have a suggestion for a FAQ please email the Singapore Passport Office at


Child Applications

Do I have to provide my child’s full Birth Certificate

Yes. A full birth certificate, showing the parents' names must be provided for all child applications. Any foreign language documents must be accompanied by an official English translation.

Does the Australian parent have to lodge a child passport's application?

Either parent can lodge the passport application for a child (under 16). There is no requirement for the lodging parent to be an Australian citizen.

I am applying for a passport for my child. The other person with parental responsibility for my child is not in Singapore. What can I do?

That person may lodge their consent for the application at the nearest Australian Passport Office in Australia, or at any Australian Embassy, High Commission, Consulate General, Consulate or Honorary Consulate if outside Australia.

You may lodge consent for an application at the Australian High Commission Singapore to support an application lodged elsewhere in the world.

One party does not consent. Can I still obtain a passport for the child?

Where a person with parental responsibility cannot, or does not, provide consent a passport can still be issued in some limited circumstances. As requirements are strict, it is likely that the application will be subject to lengthy delays. Please see Children and Parental Consent for further information.

How do I apply for a passport for my child? I am an Australian Citizen. My child was born outside Australia?

Before you can apply for an Australian passport on behalf of your child, he/she must first acquire Australian citizenship by descent. You must present your child's Australian citizenship certificate and original birth certificate when applying for an Australian passport.

For information regarding Australian citizenship please see the Australian Citizenship section under Citizenship. For information on Singapore birth certificates contact the Singapore ICA

Once these documents are obtained, you can apply for a passport by lodging a PC8 application form. You can lodge the passport application at the Australian High Commission in Singapore. The passport will be ready within 3 weeks.

I am applying for a passport for my child. Does the child need to attend the interview?

No. Persons aged under 16 are not required to attend the interview. All applications must be lodged, in person, at the Australian High Commission Singapore by a person with parental responsibility for that child.

Are there additional requirements for applications for children born through a surrogacy arrangement?

Yes. Please click here for more details. 


Completing an Application form

I have just done my passport application online. Did you receive it?

All passport applications must be printed and lodged in person. There is no way to lodge an Australian passport application electronically.

Every time I enter my current address (overseas) on the online application form, I get an error that my address cannot be verified. What do I do?

The Passports Australia website cannot verify overseas addresses. This message is just a warning. As long you are satisfied that the address you have entered is correct you can proceed by pressing the NEXT button.

Can I print out a blank form online?

No. Only completed applications can be printed from the website. If you require a blank application form, please contact the office where you will be lodging your application to collect a form or request one to be mailed to you. Blank forms cannot be faxed.

Can I print my form in black and white?

Yes. You can print your form in either black and white or colour.

I made a mistake when I was completing the passport application form; should I use white out/correction fluid/correction tape?

Never use correction fluid or similar products on a passport application form as it will invalidate that section of the form. You will have to complete another form. Instead, just cross out the incorrect information and sign next to it.

I put the wrong date on the declaration on the passport application form; how can I correct it?

If you completed the application form online, you can amend the form and re-print the relevant page. If you completed a hard copy form which was sent to you by this office, you can request that a replacement page be sent to you or if you are under a time constraint to submit the passport application, you may cross out the incorrect date, complete the correct date and initial next to the change.

Why can’t I use the renewal form (PC7 form)?

If you cannot access the Overseas Passport Renewal form online (PC7 form) then you may not be eligible to use that form. Alternatively you may be answering one of the security questions incorrectly. The answer to this question must exactly match what is on your passport records in order for you to proceed. If you have exhausted all of these possibilities and still believe you are eligible for a renewal form, please contact the Singapore passport office.

Do I have to complete Section 16 of the PC8 Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form?

If you do NOT have a valid Australian Drivers Licence then leave this section blank.

What is the Certificate Number on my Citizenship certificate for Section 3b of the PC8 Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form?

If you are using a citizenship certificate to support your application you will need to provide the certificate number. If your citizenship certificate has a client number, you must use this number for section 3B in the PC8 application form. If your citizenship does not list a client number then the certificate number should be used in section 3B including all the letters. For example 'ACC12345678' or 'ROC0123456' or 'CBD0123456'.

I am using the PC7 application form (one page form). Do I need to have the photo endorsed?

No, there is no need for photo endorsement by a guarantor if you are using the PC7 application form. Follow the instructions on the form on write your full name on the back of one photograph.

Can I authorise someone to collect a PC7 form for me?

As you must personally answer security questions when you collect the form, you cannot authorise someone else to obtain a PC7 form on your behalf. The PC7 form is pre-completed with information from your previous passport application. You may print your own form at Passports Online.

Passports & Citizenship

What if I may have lost my Australian citizenship?

All citizenship enquiries should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs, see: In Singapore you will need to contact the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) on telephone +65 6224 1732.

I have recently married a foreign national; how can I obtain an Australian passport for my spouse?

We can only issue an Australian passport to an Australian citizen. When you marry a citizen of another country, it does not entitle your spouse to hold an Australian passport (unless they also hold Australian citizenship). If you and your spouse would like to live in Australia you should contact the Department of Home Affairs.

I have lost my Australian citizenship certificate. How do I get a replacement?

Please see the Department of Home Affairs website:

Do you accept notarized copies of documents?

No. You must provide the originals of all documents required. There is no exception to this rule. The original documents can be presented at any Australian passport office worldwide. They do not have to be presented at the same office where you are lodging. Just advise the overseas office where you intend to lodge the application, and that overseas office will send a copy to your lodging office.

My original documents (citizenship certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate) are in Australia and I am worried about having them posted to me in Singapore as they may get lost in the mail.

Have someone (friend or family member) take them to a Passport Office in Australia. The staff there will sight the original documents and forward via email or fax the copies of the original documents sighted to the Singapore office.

The documents need to be presented before you lodge your application in the Singapore office. Passport offices are located in all State and Territory capital cities. Locations and opening hours can be obtained by phoning 131 232 toll free in Australia or at

How do I get a replacement Australian birth certificate?

Please contact the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry in your state.

How do I provide proof of my Australian citizenship?

For applicants applying for a passport using a PC8 application form you are required to provide proof of your Australian Citizenship. You can do this in the following ways:

If you were born overseas – an Australian Citizenship certificate or extract from the Register of Citizenship by Descent.

If you were born in Australia before 20 August 1986 – an Australian birth certificate.

If you were born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986 – An Australian birth certificate plus an Australian passport issued after 01/01/2000 and valid for at least two years; or an Australian birth certificate plus proof that one parent was an Australian Citizen or permanent resident at the time of the applicant’s birth (e.g. one parent’s Australian passport issued before the applicant’s birth, or a citizenship certificate issued before the applicant’s birth, or a full Australian birth certificate for one parent, or proof of their permanent resident status at the time of the applicant’s birth).

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for citizenship matters - see their website for more information (


Name Change

How do I change my name on my passport?

Names in Australian passports are issued in the name at birth (for citizens born in Australia) or the name at citizenship (for citizens born outside Australia).

You can change your name in your passport only if you can show government issued name change documentation, such as an official name change document. Please see Passports Online for detailed information about accepted name change documentation.

If you were born in Australia and wish to change your name, you must contact the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State you were born. This includes changing your name after being married outside Australia.

Please note: For information on how your foreign document can be legalised, you should contact the relevant government authority, Consulate-General, High Commission or Embassy for the country in which the document was issued.

How do I change my name on my passport due to marriage?

The requirements are different if you were:

a) born in Australia
b) born outside Australia.

How do I get an Australian name change certificate or official marriage certificate for a wedding that took place in Australia?

Please contact the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry in your state for details.

Please refer to the Australian Passport Office online site for more information.



What happens if I cannot find an Australian citizen to be my Referee?

You do NOT need an Australian citizen as a referee. You have two options:

• A non-Australian who is currently employed in one of these occupation groups, OR

• A current Australian passport holder, OR

• obtain a referee from your previous country of residence. (You will need to send them the referee page and photo, which they must return to you. Lodge this with your passport application)

Who can act as a guarantor on a passport application?

A Referee must be over 18 years of age and must not be related to the applicant or living at the same address. The referee must have known the applicant for at least 12 months (or since birth if the child is under 12 months old).

A referee can be either an Australian citizen holding a current Australian passport or be currently employed in a recognised profession. For the current list of recognised professions, please click here.



Can you recommend any places that do Australian-style photos?

The Australian Passport Office does not endorse particular photo outlets or providers. We recommend that you choose an experienced passport photographer, and confirm that the photos they take meet our standards. Please check here for photo guidelines.


Processing your application

Will my previous passport be returned to me after applying for a new passport?

Your previous passport will be cancelled and returned to you.

How long does it take to renew a passport?

The standard processing time for passport renewal is three weeks. As passports are printed in Australia, we are unable to offer a priority processing service.

Can I retain my current passport while the new one is being processed?

You may be permitted to retain your passport while we process your application. Your request will be assessed when you make your passport application.

In these cases, you will be required to present the passport for cancellation when you collect the new passport.

Can I pay the Priority Processing Fee to have a passport issued quicker?

No, priority processing service is not available in Singapore.



Can I send someone to collect my passport when it's ready?

Yes, you may authorise anyone aged 18 years or over to collect your passport. To do so, complete the authorisation section on the collection slip given to you when you lodged your application, they will need to present photographic identification to confirm their identity.

Do I have to advise the Singapore Ministry of Manpower or the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of my new passport details?

Yes, please contact the Ministry of Manpower or the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority for information about their requirements.


Damaged Passports

How can I replace a damaged passport?

If your passport is damaged you are required to apply for a new passport in person by completing an Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form and submitting the relevant supporting documents. In all cases, you must also provide the damaged passport.


Travelling on your passport

Can I travel on my passport if the name differs to the name on my airline ticket?

Any specific questions regarding what an airline will accept as proof of identity should be directed to the airline.

I am a dual citizen. Which passport does I use when entering and departing Australia?

Australian citizens who are dual nationals are required to depart and enter Australia on their Australian passport. An Australian citizen cannot be granted a visa for Australia in a foreign passport.

I am an Australian citizen but as I did not obtain an Australian passport before departing Australia, I am using my foreign passport whilst I am overseas. Do I have to apply for an Australian passport in order to return to Australia?

An Australian passport is conclusive evidence of a person's identity and citizenship, and provides the holder with unfettered right of entry to Australia.

International airlines have an obligation to ensure that they only carry appropriately documented passengers to Australia. In the absence of an Australian passport, airlines are unable to assess a person's claim to Australian citizenship at the time of check-in and may decline to carry the traveller.

It would therefore be in your best interests to apply for an Australian passport to enable you to return to Australia.

Do I need 6 months validity left on my passport before I can travel?

Some foreign governments require visitors to carry passports with at least six months validity beyond their planned stay, and you may be refused entry if you do not comply.

Well before you travel, you should check the entry requirements of the countries you plan to visit or transit.

Contact the foreign diplomatic and consular representatives of the country you wish to visit, or seek advice from your travel agent or visit Smartraveller for further information (

Do I need six months validity left on my passport before I can travel from and then re-enter Australia?

Your passport is valid to enter Australia from the date it is issued until the date it expires, and you can use it throughout this period subject to meeting the visa and immigration requirements of the countries you wish to visit or transit. 

If you are flying to Australia and transiting through another country you may need six months to enter that country. Contact the foreign diplomatic and consular representatives of the country you wish to visit, or seek advice from your travel agent or visit the Smartraveller website for further information.


Visas and your Australian Passport

Will the visas in my previous passport still be valid after it has been cancelled?

You should check the status of the visas with the authority which issued them, as we are unable to provide any information about the status of the visas.

If I apply for a new passport, what happens to the visas in my current passport? Can I still use them?

Please contact the visa office of the country that issued the visa for information about their requirements. Only the visa issuing authority or country can provide advice on the validity of the visa, and the process required for obtaining a new visa.


For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit Passports Online